Let’s Talk: Favorite IZ*ONE Moments

IZ*ONE is not joking around, they’re ready to dominate the world!

Following their journey throughout the survival program “Produce 48” to their debut, these girls are capturing hearts all over the world with their captivating talent but also adorable charms.

Let’s go down some favorite moments of IZ*ONE from “Produce 48” to now!

Silly Chaeyeon – Episode 05 “Produce 48”

If you didn’t love or found Chaeyeon adorable yet, you have to. see this clip. Not only is Chaeyeon an amazing performer but she’s also an adorable young woman that has such a bubbly personality that you can’t help but smile when you see her. 

Chaeyeon may be an amazing performer but maybe not so much of a gamer. It’s okay Chaeyeon, Sakura got you in these games. 

Favorite Performance – SORRY NOT SORRY

Out of all of the performances that were done in “Produce 48”, “Sorry Not Sorry” is still number one for me. I remember watching that performance and was entranced from start to finish. 

From their amazing stage presence, eye catching choreography, chic and powerful aura followed by Eunbi’s splits you can feel how passionate and powerful these girls are. Not mention for Chaeyeon’s kick, I could feel it through the screen and right into my heart. 

Their goal was to create a memorable and iconic performance and I have to say, they did it. I hope that IZ*ONE will take on this performance again. 

Sakura Message To Chaeyeon

This message still gives me chills and warms my heart so much. Out of all of the people that Sakura could had given a thank you message to, she chose Chaeyeon. Sakura not only expressed how deep their friendship is for one another but also how much Chaeyeon meant to her. 

I’m so glad that they were both able to debut together in the same group and their friendship is continuing on. They are even living together in the same dorm room! 

Mama Chaeyeon – IZ*ZONE CHU

Chaeyeon has become the mom of IZ*ONE and you saw a glimpse of it throughout “Produce 48” but you see it crystal clear from watching their variety program “IZ*ONE CHU”.

It’s so adorable how she not only takes care of the younger members but also ensures that the Japanese members are included but also educated. Out of all the Korean members in IZ*ONE, Chaeyeon seems to be the most knowledgable in Japanese which may be the reasoning why she is roomed together with the Japanese members. Not to mention the young members are in this dorm space as well and is lovingly watched over Mama Chaeyeon. 

Yena – Impeccable Fashion

Yena is driving her way into my bias list because of her adorable and bubbly personality. She somehow really reminds me of SEVENTEEN’s member Hoshi not only by her powerful dance performance but how dorky she is. If someone told me that Yena and Hoshi were long distance relatives, I would totally believe it. 

Center Cuteness Battle – IDOL ROOM

Between Nako and Wonyoung, it was a hard choice to pick who would be the cutest center but Nako’s head tilt sealed the deal. Chaeyeon’s aegyo and bubbly dance definitely shook my heart too. 

Everyone definitely has their own charm and aegyo that you can’t help but fawn over. I should definitely take some notes down on how to be cute like IZ*ONE.  

“Rumor” – IZ*ONE Debut Show-Con

On the day of their showcase performance, fellow IZ*ONE members took the stage with a performance of one of the tracks that was done in “Produce 48”. 

From the start with Minju’s beautiful gaze from the beginning of the choreography to Yena’s and Chaeyeon’s rapping you can’t help but just be entranced by the whole performance. 

Inevitably, there was comparison between IZ*ONE’s version to the original team in “Produce 48” version but I have to say that I truly enjoyed this piece more. Even though the other version may seem more mature, this really fit together for IZ*ONE. Not to mention that Yen’a growl and Chaeyeon’s powerful presense was just an icing on the cake.  

Yena says that she’s a vocalist and was worried that she can’t rap but CLEARLY she can! 

What’s Yours?

These were just some of my favorite moments that I thought of including IZ*ONE’s members. 

What were some of your favorite moments?

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