ADORE 33 : Face and Neck Mask Review

We at HiPop had the opportunity to try out a soon-to-be released line of face and neck masks by adore33. adore33 is actually a Korean shampoo line, famous for their “Rosy de Citrus” shampoo, but the brand is now expanding to include skincare products as well.

The Face and Neck Peptide Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask is meant to be brightening, hydrating, and wrinkle improving. On the back of the packet, users can read about which ingredients are directly tied to each skincare benefit. 

Face masks, especially Korean ones, are praised internationally for their moisturizing powers and as a fun self-care activity to do with friends. No wonder adore33 wanted to get in on this timeless skincare trend.

The 2-in-1 packet includes the face mask portion on the top and the neck mask just below it.

The face mask has three layers: a white plastic layer, the actual sheet mask, and a nonwoven sheet. To apply the mask, take off the white sheet mask and place the softer side on the face. Once it feels adequately placed, remove the non woven sheet. After waiting 10-20 minutes, the mask can be removed.

The neck mask also has 3 layers. In a similar way, remove the white sheet, apply the mask with the softer side on the skin, and remove the nonwoven sheet. The direction of the mask doesn’t necessarily matter, as long as it’s covering the neck. Keep the neck mask on for 10-20 minutes.

These masks are a very flexible, comfortable material and don’t feel papery or harsh at all. There is plenty of ampoule left in the bag to add excess moisture to the face after applying the mask. Even after wearing it for 20 minutes, the mask doesn’t feel irritating or itchy, it remains hydrated.

The scent is light and not offensive, and becomes unnoticeable after applying the mask.

Due to the sticky aftereffect of the mask, this mask pack is best used just before sleeping.

Overall, this is a high quality face and neck mask that provides needed moisture to the skin. The only downside is the confusion of the directions, however, users should be able to understand how to apply the mask after looking at it themselves.

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